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Beth Clary Schwier

HGTV Good Bones

Beth started working with Mina and Karen and the Good Bones crew in 2016 while filming Season 2, and has become one of the featured artists on the show. She shows up during the episodes from time to time to deliver her art.

Award Winning Art

Beth has one many prestigious awards throughout the state of Indiana, including the coveted Hoosier Women Artist of the Year Award from the Lt. Governor, as well as International Floral Artist of the Year from the International Juried Show Art Comes Alive in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Beth is a mother of six and lives in New Palestine, IN and has a gallery studio in Irvington, a neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis.

"She's amazing!  In the best possible way, her art makes you stop, look and feel.  
​The colors, the energy, the brushstrokes, her wide variety
of subject matter ... everything she paints.    It feels very familiar, It feels like I am at home."

Karen E Laine, Star of HGTV Good Bones

The art on the walls of our home speaks to our hearts in phrases of joy, creativity and wonder through the work of Beth Clary Schwier. Beth’s ability to convey emotion through her work is evident to anyone who has viewed her pieces. New creations seem to flow out of her with the ease that only comes from honing her craft over years under the tutelage of masters. We are so thankful to have found such beauty with which to surround our family. 

Lori & Brad Bisser

“It started with a Facebook post where I posted a ravishing photograph of my three little daughters running in a field. Beth saw it and commented on it, that she could paint that! And ultimately she did. And it now hangs in my living room, more precious than the photo itself, as each particular unique trait of each girl was somehow captured as only a great painter can. Over the years, I have had 4 more portraits made and my home has even two more prints! Beth’s commissioned work for me is the most beautiful art I have ever owned, as it is both atmospheric and calm to live with but with a specificity that makes it always mine. I am eternally grateful for what are the true treasures of my family memories. As an aside? I don’t worry one bit about saving photos when I have this kind of special, lovingly crafted imagery.”

Melissa Errico & Patrick McEnroe